Resilience: A Signifier of Success

Throughout the year, many of us find fortified passion and commitment to establish new goals or reinvigorate those that have gone stale. If you think to past goals, you likely began your journey with focus and honest intentions. Perhaps you did reach your vision of success, but you may have drifted off course or lost momentum. Maybe you achieved only a fraction of the progress that you had envisioned or you abandoned your goals all together. As you forge ahead, take a moment to reflect on those experiences and use them to strengthen your plan.

Regardless of how focused you may be on your goals, there will times when life gets in the way and forces you to redirect your focus. While preventing those disruptions may not be within your control, your response to them is. I find that many individuals spend more time thinking about how they drifted off course than determining how to get back on track. The emotion associated with these setbacks varies from person-to-person, and effect how a person responds to setbacks.  Some give up all together while others dwell on the setback as an indicator of failure.  Individuals often associate fleeting behavior patterns to character traits by saying: I failedI’ve been badI messed upI’m a slacker, etc.  Whether or not you made a homemade meal, met a deadline, passed an exam or went to the gym on a given day is not a measure of your self-worth.

As you start to establish new goals, acknowledge now that you will hit a speed bump.  Few people prepare for the negative events they will encounter, but knowing they will occur will help you to face them when the time comes.  To overcome setbacks you need to own them and quickly take action to get back on track; no dwelling and no self-deprecation. In terms of personal health, resilience becomes a differentiator in long-term success.  It is not the occurrence or frequency of obstacles, but the ability to move past them with a positive attitude and in a timely manner that will determine if you will meet your goals.

Self-improvement of any kind is difficult to achieve, it requires gumption and balance. If you let the first obstacle throw you off course all together, you will never achieve your potential.  Don’t wait to have time to work towards a goal or you will always be waiting. Start acting, even if it is with small steps.  Those first small actions will lead to bigger steps towards reaching your goals. Once you get started be resilient, don’t let anything get in the way of your success.

What is Wellness at SMP?


In my role as Wellness Director at SMP, one of the first things I like to ask new employees is “Did you have a wellness program with your past employer?” Corporate wellness programs today take on so many different forms that I enjoy hearing about the wellness experiences our employees have had and then sharing the details of our program at SMP.

But what is wellness at SMP? I often ask myself this very question to guide my program planning and development process. Corporate Wellness is a field that is continually evolving and can be broadly defined. In staying abreast of industry trends, I judiciously ask myself if these trends are right for SMP, taking into account our culture and employee interests. Delivering wellness at SMP is as much about about evolving and expanding our offerings as it is about recognizing and avoiding programs or models that are a poor fit for us, even if they are popular.

What is right for SMP? The goal of the SMP wellness program is to make a healthier lifestyle more attainable. We don’t focus on rewards or penalties, because feeling well and happy is rewarding on its own.

Sometimes our wellness program is about continued learning and self-discovery through a lunch and learn or a health program like the Fake Our Food Challenge. At other times, wellness at SMP is simply about having fun through events like our Snowman Showdown. Wellness at SMP is about continually assessing the pulse of our community and keeping that in focus when designing and delivering programs.

SMP and the Rochester Triathlon

Saturday, August 23 marked the 5th annual Rochester Triathlon and the 4th year that SMP has served as the title sponsor of this unifying event. We truly enjoy working with the race committee and the Rochester Area Triathletes (RATS) to see the event come together. Triathlon is a unique endurance sport as it is well suited for spectator enjoyment as athletes flow into and out of the transition area for the swim, bike and run legs of the race. Due to the nature of the sport, the triathlon gathers larger crowds than one might expect. This year, many spectators sported their SMP temporary tattoo to receive an SMP t-shirt commemorating the event! In addition, we had a strong SMP turnout this year from both athletes and volunteers; showing the community a unique aspect of our culture. Together we were able to enjoy this exciting event, beautiful weather, great location and fun company!

SMP Volunteers SMP's triathlon team

SMP Cycles for a Cause

This June, SMP recruited both avid cyclists and beginners to ride and fundraise in support of two events that aim to improve health and longevity in our region. The Tour de Cure aims to stop diabetes and raise critical funds for education, advocacy and research through the American Diabetes Association. SMP riders participated in the Rochester tour in both the 40 and 20 mile rides on June 13th. In support of cancer research and patient care programs at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, SMP singed on as a Five Speed sponsor for the 2015 Ride for Roswell. On June 27th, SMP riders rode the 45 and 20 mile routes. At both events riders enjoyed scenic views, cheers from volunteers and the satisfaction of supporting such worthy causes!

SMP Fearlessly Faces Challenges

SMP enjoyed two fun endurance events this past week.  On Thursday, May 21st SMP Albany participated in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge for the first time.  Nearly 8,500 runners and walkers participated in the event.  Six employees form the SMP Albany office represented at this 3.5 mile corporate road race.  Fostering team spirit, the group tackled the race and then enjoyed some post event refreshments nearby.

On Tuesday, May 26th SMP Rochester participated in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.  This event welcomed nearly 10,500 participants from 421 companies.  With 22 registered runners and walkers and a strong support staff and cheering squad, 30 SMP employees enjoyed an evening of good food, good company and good cheer at the Corporate Challenge!  Rain showers, high heat and high humidity were no match for the SMP spirit. We look forward to our next endurance adventures, the Tour de Cure and the Ride for Roswell in June, stay tuned!

SMP Endurance Events: Season Kickoff

It is event season at SMP!  As we enter spring time, we have a full line up of endurance events on the schedule through the fall.  These events offer much more than a chance to be active.  It is an opportunity for us to mingle with and jog beside colleagues outside of the office and with those that we may not work with closely.  Furthermore, SMP’s involvement in the community through event sponsorship and participation allows us to show a unique side of our culture.  In addition to striving for excellence in the industry, SMP fosters total wellbeing among employees through a comprehensive wellness program, with physical fitness being one facet of the program.

SMP endurance events provide enough diversity to appeal to every athlete; from the non-athlete to the fierce competitor.  This past weekend SMP was the title sponsor of the River Challenge in Rochester, NY.  This event featured a run, bike, paddle triathlon or a run, bike, run duathlon.  Despite the brisk morning temperatures, SMP’s athletes put forth strong and undeterred performances with both individual and team participants.  Two of our athletes completed The River Challenge as their first solo multisport race, a great accomplishment!  With additional employees on site to cheer their colleagues along, the River Challenge provided fresh air, exercise and an opportunity to build camaraderie; the prefect recipe for a feel good experience!