Are You Engaging Your Workforce?

Keeping employees informed and engaged in the workplace by providing information that aligns with their priorities, enables collaboration between team members and across divisions, fosters creative thinking, and ultimately contributes to your organization’s productivity. Effective communication is important for any organization. How you manage information, present information, and engage your employees and customers can be the differentiator in the success of your company.

SMP collaboration team can help you communicate with your workforce
Digital Signage can help you communicate more effectively with your workforce

Static messaging and mass distribution are great if the goal is checking the box marked “Information Delivered,” but information is retained far more effectively using dynamic visual content in the delivery of your message. By pairing timely messaging with relevant content, employees feel more involved, which results in a more-connected workforce and a more-connected workforce is a more effective workforce, leading to an increase in productivity, higher morale, improved employee satisfaction and less turn-over. All of which contribute to a stable and predictive work environment.

So, how can a company improve their communication and generally improve their culture? With Digital Signage.

digital signage to ensure teams can collaborate
Use targeted digital signage to ensure teams can collaborate and stay connected.

A Digital Signage application engages business professionals with targeted messaging in the right place at the right time, which essentially allows you to stretch your messaging much further than emails or memo boards. The software technology even provides the ability to communicate with associates through their mobile devices and also integrates with existing reporting systems to display information like sales performance metrics, employee schedules and more in a viewer-friendly fashion.

• Unified Messaging
• Process Improvement
• Alerts and Announcements
• Employee Morale
• Health and Wellness

We have a state-of-the-art Solutions Center where we can demonstrate the latest and greatest collaboration technologies in person or remotely. We pride ourselves on enabling our customers so they can keep up with both the speed of business and IT. If you would like to learn more on how a Digital Signage solution can help improve your workplace experience, please reach out to the SMP Collaboration Team. Contact SMP »

They call me the seeker…

Our customers put a lot of hard work into maintaining best practice operations in their complex technology environments. Often these same customers have users who desire noticeable improvement in the way IT delivers services for their organization. The pace of change is continually putting strain on IT staff to achieve higher levels of service and increase agility. This becomes very difficult when there is a lack of visibility into how IT is delivering services.

Enter “The Seeker” into the picture. This person embraces the customer requests, listens to concerns, and drives an organization toward developing the willingness to make the decisions that enable change. Often times Seekers gravitate toward a tool or set of tools to assist them in mission. These tools—acquired over the years—now lay on the virtual shelf; having been abandoned through attrition or growth, or no longer providing the insight needed as the problems to be solved become more complex.

Throughout the journey to help solve an organization’s challenges, usually Seekers encounter some bumps along they way. IT silos created over the years can result in “finger pointing” with no one to taking ownership to resolve the real issues causing pain. Complex technology environments result in difficulty ensuring you have the right people looking at the right areas. In an effort to solve this problem, the idea to build a communal work space gets tossed around and a plan is laid out from the request to “Build me a WAR Room”.

The Situation Room of the White House, Dec. 30, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

Instead, this room often looks like the picture below with “inspirational” corporate art to encourage people to stay for 24-hour sessions to solve, what in their minds, is someone else’s problem. Sitting squarely in the middle is the “King of IT” to rule them all and provide a root-cause analysis.

Real World IT Problem Solving

Our customers may have the ability to proactively monitor their data center infrastructure components; however the true value in this ability is ensuring immediate visibility into down/troubled platforms and subsystems, then taking the appropriate actions to prevent or resolve problems. This is the hard part because it requires time not only during business hours, but around the clock. Today’s consumer is wired for instant gratification and 24/7 response, however, humans are not wired for 24/7 availability and this becomes a challenge, especially if you lack visibility across the IT service delivery.

“I’m happy when life’s good and when it’s bad I cry

I got values but I don’t know how or why” – The Who

I have been involved in building our SMARTcentre, SMP’s managed services offerings, over the past three years to help ensure application availability and ensure access for our customer’s workforce. Our certified experts can track your environment’s performance from the end-user to the data center, the cloud and across networks for organizations of every size. We project changes so administrators can re-engineer apps, balance workloads, or add capacity if needed. SMP also tracks real-time activity in order to be proactive, cut through the noise, and simplify your workflows to improve IT service operations. Our expertise is assisting our customers as they drive real impactful change and focus on building next-generation IT service delivery for their organizations. If you seek the IT Truth, SMP can help.